Help! My Password failed to sync with Active Directory

In certain cases, when changing or resetting your password you may encounter an error similar to:

setUserPwd: Active Directory rejected password - sync failed

typically, this happens after a very long pause before the page refreshes.

This is most likely caused by some additional password requirements for Active Directory passwords:

If this occurs, there are two possible solutions:

  1. Change your password to conform to the additional ADS rules for password "goodness".
  2. Uncheck the box labeled "Sync my Active Directory password". Note: Some ADS services may be unavailable to users whose ADS password is not synced with their "normal" password (most notably when using a laptop that is attempting to use ADS services over wireless).

NOTE: In the event your ADS password fails to sync, your password will NOT be changed anywhere. Your "normal" password will retain its original value (and expiration date).