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Password Verification Page: This page may be used to verify that your password is correct for your Case Network ID.

Enter your CWRU Network ID (eg: abc123) and its associated password in the fields below, then click the "Verify password" button. Your CWRU network ID and password will be checked to verify that your password is correct for that ID. Other useful information about your password and network account also will be displayed on your screen, including:

Password Verification Check
This check will verify that your password is correct and if your CWRU Network ID is active. If this check fails, you will be notified exactly why it failed (for example, if the password was not correct or the account has not been activated).
Password "Goodness" Check
This check will assess the strength of your password. If the password is considered weak (easily "guessed" or decoded by password cracking software) you will be notified exactly why it is considered weak (for example, if your password is too short, or uses a word found in the dictionary).
Date and Time of Last Password Change
This feature will allow you to view the date and time of your last password change, along with the number of days elapsed since that date. We recommend that users change their passwords at least every 180 days.
Security Question and Answer
This feature will allow you to see if you have entered a security question and answer yet. Your security question and answer replace the use of your SSN and birth date as an alternate method of verifying your identity when you "log in" to the password reset page. The password reset page is for use in changing your password if you have forgotten your old password.

CWRU Network ID:
(eg: abc123)
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